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Chiropractic Philosophy

A chiropractic adjustment is intended to align the spinal column, reset muscle tone, help reverse developed compensatory patterns, and so much more. What many people do not understand is most chiropractors adjust more than just the spine. We adjust extremities, ears, and jaws as well! There is an abundant amount of high quality literature available in various medical journals attesting to the benefits of regular chiropractic adjustments. With that said, there is also an abundance of anecdotal testimonies which chiropractors see in their everyday practices. These can range from how one chiropractic adjustment cured chronic acid reflux, helped significantly with sleep insomnia, all the way to improving asthma. These are the types of stories that encourage me every day as I walk into the office. When we look at the literature and find ways to explain how this can be true, it can be tough. Hence, I typically stray from making claims about how chiropractic can cure these types of disorders. However, I am never surprised when I see this happen! I attribute this to our body's incredible ability to self heal and regulate. A major goal for each of my patients is to set their system right and allow their body to heal. We are exceptionally designed beings with immense resilience and strength. When we are functioning properly, I believe we can overcome significant ailments.

Chiropractic adjustments have been supported by high quality literature as a safe and effective treatment for many disorders. Adjustments are effective for low back pain, headaches, neck pain, various areas of tendonitis, migraines, and so much more. Research also supports the theory that individuals who receive regular chiropractic care live longer, are less likely to become depressed, and take less medication as they age. A properly performed adjustment has demonstrated the ability to improve joint health and range of motion, it may help to reset the tone of muscles, stimulate the nervous system and improve wellbeing. Often, I will have a patient ask me why the joints pop, and if an adjustment will hurt. The sound coming from your joints during an adjustment is simply pressure accumulating in the joint. When this pressure reaches a certain threshold, it essentially overwhelms the joint leading to the formation of bubbles within the joint space. When these bubble rupture, this leads to a cavitation thereby creating an audible popping noise. This is very healthy for joints and it is typically pain free. Few patients experience mild discomfort following an adjustment that usually passes fairly quickly. For the most part, adjustments performed properly are pain free and rather satisfying. If you are wondering how treatment from a chiropractic physician could be beneficial for you I encourage you to establish with someone you have trust in, and see for yourself!

A typical office visit with myself involves a detailed history about the patient’s past health situation and current concerns. Once we have a grasp on what is going on, we are able to set goals and develop a plan on how to achieve them. For some patients it is more complex than others. The great thing is, almost everyone I see is able to benefit from the care I offer in some way. Whether it is with nutritional or supplement advice, home care exercises, lifestyle modifications, or in most cases an effective adjustment, patients improve and feel better each time they walk out of the office. In addition to adjustments, I love to give patients advice designed to help them when I am not around. From gentle stretches, core-strengthening routines, sleeping advice and more, I think it is important for patients to have ways to feel better while at home.

Please reach out if you want more information, if you have been hesitant to see a chiropractor, or are looking to feel better. Thanks for reading along!

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