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Laser Therapy: What Is It Good For?

Updated: May 16, 2019

At Corbett Hill Wellness Center I am fortunate enough to be able to utilize what is known as Class 4-laser therapy to help my patients heal. I often have patients ask me what laser therapy is, how it works. This week we will answer these questions and discuss why I have become such a huge fan of laser therapy!

To begin, lets cover some basics about laser therapy. There are several different classes of laser therapy which help differentiate the wattage and dosage that the laser is capable of putting out. Class 4-lasers represent the highest output of energy available today for therapeutic use. Class 4-laser generates an extremely high concentration of photons and focuses them into a beam that is able to penetrate through tissues. Each and every cell that the photons interact with go through a metabolic shift. This leads to increased nutrient rich blood flow, and oxygen delivery to tissues by increasing the production of nitric oxide, clearing biological free radicals which has been shown to reverse the inflammatory process, and increases production of ATP by cells known as mitochondria. ATP, or Adenosine Triphosphate is essentially our biological fuel. It provides the energy for nearly every cell in our bodies. By increasing the local production of ATP, our tissues heal more quickly as the metabolism in the area is dramatically sped up.

Click this link for a video demonstration!

Class 4-laser therapy has the potential to penetrate deeper into tissues than any other modality such as ultrasound or lower classes of laser therapy. This means that the laser is affecting more tissue (i.e. muscles, joints, bones...) and having a more dramatic effect then these other therapies.

We use our laser to treat a wide spectrum of disorders. Class 4-laser is used for anything from sciatic pain, foot fungus or other skin lesions, neck stiffness, elbow tendonitis, post-surgical healing, and much more. I have grown to love this tool based on the incredible results I have seen with my patients. The other great part about laser therapy is that it is extremely safe, and it feels great while being administered.

Depending on the area, severity of injury, and other factors, a typical treatment protocol ranges from 6-10 treatments for about 3-4 weeks initially. However, it is not unheard of to see improvements after a few treatments.

As I mentioned before I am a huge fan of this laser due to the incredible things I have seen it do in our clinic. At the moment I believe there are 6 of them in Oregon, and the Trail Blazers even have 3 of their own! If you are interested, have more questions, or are considering laser therapy I’d be happy to elaborate or help you get an appointment set up. #laser #Portland #Wellness #Chiropractic #Oregon #Health

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